Introducing PM Edge by PMI®

A free, self-paced learning experience for project managers.

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PMI is piloting a new learning experience.
Don’t wait: Try it out and gain an edge in your career today!

PM Edge is a free platform that includes articles, videos and study materials for people just like you. In just a few minutes at a time, you’ll be able to gain a foundational understanding of project management. So open it up while you’re waiting in line for coffee—and return to it from your couch. You’ll be able to build the career confidence you need on your own time and at your own pace.

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Build your confidence.

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Project management has its own language. If you can’t keep up with the jargon, you could be left scrambling at work. PM Edge is your go-to resource to learn key terms and concepts—from agile to requirements. Once you speak the language, you’ll feel like you can nail your presentations, run better meetings and show your boss you’re ready to take on bigger projects.

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Prove what you know: Earn recognition from PMI

In addition to the free learning content, PM Edge includes an optional test you can purchase that covers key project management terms and concepts. Sign up today to take advantage of special pilot pricing of US$15. Earn a virtual badge you can share with your boss, your coworkers—and maybe even a future employer.

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Designed for your lifestyle

Between work and your social life, you have a lot going on. PM Edge fits into your busy schedule.

  • Jump in on your phone or computer.
  • Head straight to a video, dive into an article or quiz yourself right from the start.
  • Already feel confident in a topic? Skip straight to the content you want to learn.
  • Challenge yourself with flip cards and quizzes to see what you know.
  • PM Edge is flexible, so you can choose what, when and how you learn.

Everything on demand

Since you can tap into PM Edge any time, any where, it fits into your busy schedule. So go at your own pace—whether you have 5 minutes or 25. PM Edge will keep track of your progress, letting you pick up wherever you left off.

Game your way through

Through simple and engaging learning activities, you’ll master the lingo of essential topics like risk and stakeholder management. And once you do, you’ll feel confident whether you’re talking to coworkers or the C-suite.

From the developer of the PMP

PM Edge was created by PMI, the global leader in project management. PMI project management standards are the most widely recognized in the profession and are a trusted guideline for over 2.9 million professionals in 185 countries. PM Edge leverages this vast knowledge base, so you can feel confident that you’re learning from the ultimate authority in project management.

Who’s PM Edge for?

PM Edge is designed for anyone who’s waded into the world of project management and wants to know more. That includes:

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Get in on the ground floor of this new free learning experience from PMI.

To try out the pilot, create a free PMI account or log in to your existing one—and get started today.